How to make cup coasters from magazine papers

How to make cup coasters from magazine papers

Choose the magazine pages you want to work with. You can choose random ones or create a specific color coordination.

Fold one page in half then using your scissors cut it at where it folds.

Take the half page and fold it on itself. You can choose whatever width you like. The more thin your strips are the, the more narrow your pattern will be.

Arrange the magazine strips as shown six strips from top to bottom and six from left to right.

Start weaving the paper strips. You'll take the first strip on the left and weave it with the fist elongated strip moving the strip across from left to right alternating up and down.

After you're done weaving the paper strips you can cut the ends if the strips and glue them underneath the folds.

You'll end up with pretty paper coasters. To avid them getting wet you can use large clear tap to protect the outer layer of your pap are coasters.

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