How to make tortang talong (filipino omelette)

How to make tortang talong (filipino omelette)

Here are the ingredients you'll need. Eggplants, eggs, accent or salt/pepper (whatever you want to mix into your eggs) cooking oil, aluminum foil, etc.

Rinse your eggplants clean and depending on the type of eggplants you have, you might have to cut the top off like so.

After you have a clean and dry eggplant, wrap your eggplant up with aluminum foil.

Make sure you wrap it up really well, double wrap it even.

You're now going to cook your wrapped eggplant over a stove until its pretty much burnt and blackened all around the skin of the eggplant.

The more burnt/blackened the skin of the eggplant is, the easier it'll be to peel off.

Start peeling the skin off of the eggplants. Try to get all of it if you can.

This was as much of the skin as I could get off.

Next start cracking all your eggs and scramble them.

I like to add accent flavor enhancer to my mixed eggs but you can use the traditional salt and pepper or whatever you like.

My eggplants were really fat (round) so depending on the type/size you have, you're going to want to make yours as flat and thin as possible.

Smash your eggplants as flat as possible and then soak them in the egg mix.

Now on to cooking of the eggplants. Heat up your pan and add the cooking oil. Just add enough to coat the bottom of the pan.

After a few mins, add your egg mixed eggplants onto the pan.

Fry both sides of your eggplants.

I had a lot of eggplants so I just threw them all in.

If you have extra egg mix, you can pour them in as well.

The finish product. Tortang Talong (basically a filipino omelette)

Serve with rice and soy sauce and enjoy.!

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