How to bake cookie and cream whoopie pies

How to bake cookie and cream whoopie pies

Prepare all your supplies, on the list there seems a lot and a bit complicated with all the different ingredients, but it is quite simple.

Place your softened butter and sugar in a mixing bowl

Whisk until light and fluffy

Weigh out your flour and cocoa powder and place in a bowl

Add your egg and vanilla extract in the bowl with the whisked sugar and butter

Now place your flour, cocoa powder, salt, buttermilk,soured cream into the bowl

Whisk all of the ingredients until they are combined

Now add in the hot water and whisk again, this will create a very smooth consistency

Line your whoopie pie tin, I use a 1 cal spray

Now pipe your cakes into the whoopie pie tin and leave to rest for 10 mins

Bake in the oven at gas mark 4 for 10 mins

Once out of the oven turn the pie tin out on a wire rack and allow them to cool

Now for the cookie crumb filling , place your butter and milk in the mixing bowl and weigh out your icing sugar

Whisk all the ingredients together to crate a smooth cream like consistency

Remove 3 table spoons of the mixture and place in a bowl to the side

Melt your white chocolate over a pan with water inside it

Add the cocoa powder in the cream mixture and mix together

This is how it should look

Fully melt your chocolate

Cover half the tops of your pies with the white chocolate, this bit is messy there is no clean way to do it :)

Mash up the 50g off Oreo cookies in a bowl

Add this to the main cream mixture

Then place the cookie crumb filling on the bottom half of the whoopie pies

Place the chocolate cream u made earlier into a piping bag

Add the top half's to the bottom half's and pipe on the chocolate filling onto the centre of the top pie

Cut up your 6 cookies in to quarters, don't worry if they are not perfect

Add on the Oreo cookies to the tops of the pies

The pies are now ready to eat, why not have them with a ice cold glass of milk enjoy!!!!

Watch the video: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies Recipe Demonstration - (October 2021).